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​​​​​​​E Komo Mai! You have chosen the perfect time to start your educational journey with us and become a Licensed Massage Therapist.  We are confident that you will receive the very best massage therapy education possible.  The knowledge and skills of the staff allows each student to have the confidence needed to be successful in the work environment.  Small class sizes will give students the individual attention needed to build confidence and success while learning something new!  Best of all, our instructors have a passion to teach and share.

Workshop training is a pathway towards partial qualification for licensure and is limited only to the Academic Course of Study and not the Practical/Clinical Training.  However, we are proud to announce that Kapolei Massage Institute offers both the Academic Course of Study and the Practical/Clinical Training conveniently available all at one location.

This 570 hours Massage Therapy Program is designed to teach students the principles of basic Anatomy, Physiology and Structural Kinesiology.  Our Workshop is exceptional in providing core competencies essential for a successful Massage Therapist. Our Workshop is structured and sequenced to provide students with an intrinsic knowledge, comprehension, and application of Massage Therapy techniques in order to be prepared to take the Hawai’i State Licensing Examination.

The Massage Therapy Workshop prepares graduates for entry level positions in an array of different settings including, clinics, spas, health clubs, chiropractic offices and more.  The Anatomy, Physiology, and Structural Kinesiology included in the curriculum are central in preparing graduates to work with other healthcare professionals and to intelligently discuss indications/contraindications and treatment plans for Massage Therapy techniques with clients.


​After completing the Workshop, you will be eligible for the Apprentice Program which consists of 450 hours of hands on training to include Advance Techniques and Clinical Operations.

* The 150 hours of Academic Course Study does not have to be completed at Kapolei Massage Institute.  If you have taken previous college courses in the above,  copies of your Certificate of Completion and Transcripts from Approved Workshops or DOE Program are required.

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